pondering bike choice

My Current major issue….bike choice.

  • Number 1 consideration is comfort. Being able to ride an extra hour a day makes up for being 2 kph slower.
  • Number 2 consideration… Speed
    I need to be making progress.. So a slow bike is not only slow, it takes more energy to ride slowly. I use a cyclocross to commute on. It goes over anything, but sucks the life out of my legs.

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Thank you for your application…….

‘Thank you for your application

We will let you know on or before 30th November if your application has been successful.

Oh bugger.

Spent an exciting friday evening attempting (and succeeding) to register for tcr no3.  It was a little fraught as their servers immediately went belly up.  However, 30 mins of facebook resulted in calming messages, and everyone received an email link to start to entry process.
This included links to the race manual, and then a quiz – once you were here the pressure was off, and you had 2 days to complete the quiz.  I therefore did it straight away after reading the race manual.  I have got at least 2 questions wrong.  Oh well.

Is that enough for me to be passed over for someone else?

I just want to hear if I’m in or not – checking my mail on a daily basis… Ok every 2 hours, looking for something from the tcr….. Oh dear.  However, their confirmation email says entrants will be informed on the 30th…..  ahhh just tell me please!