training week 2/40

total  23 hrs,  446k
basic week
Commutes – 8 (28k each)
turbos – 2

second one on a watt bike, included 3*12 mins moderate,
238w, avg hr 149
224w, avg hr 149
221w, avg hr 150

2 * easy 30 min runs
2 strength sessions
1 easy swim

long ride – 6:20hrs,  171k

went a bit bonkers – nice to be training again 🙂


1.  hired Steven Lord ( )again on a bike only basis.  I need to talk with him at somepoint what he has planned so i am happy

2 basic weeks done.  included a 6 hr ride at 170k.
– thats half of what i want to ride every day.  Thats quite sobering
I felt ok on betty (my steel road bike – a fixie inc. betty leeds).  not beaten up or anything which is good.
Need to try some bigger tyres…. Somehow.
Need to get tri bars sorted as they did not work while on the hoods.
Generally felt pretty strong

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