training week 3/40

total 17 hrs,  339k – epic long night ride,  very committing

Commutes – 4 (28k each)
turbos – 2

Long Ride
epic split long ride.  Slow winter riding…. 3.5 hrs for 98k over to see my dad via the scenic route
On the way home decided to skip the direct 55k route, and repeat the scenic route. In the dark. And the rain. Pitch black single lane country lanes are hard to ride fast at night even with an exposure massive front light. B roads are easy – just follow the white line.
I found it massively character building.
Lots of bad thoughts went through my mind – what if my light fails…… what if my garmin fails.  I happened to be in the middle of nowhere (rural essex), and would have a minimum of 10k to walk to the nearest village.  Better to have these thoughts now rather than in Albania
– 7:45hrs,  193k

1 * easy 30 min run
2 strength sessions

felt ill so had a day off Thursday, no training on Thursday, Friday

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