training week 4/40

total 22 hrs,  425k
Epic long, cold, very wet winter ride, power test on the turbo
Commutes – 6 (28k each)
turbos – 2 – included an alternative power test –

 6*15sec max, 45sec easy – went bonkers 🙂 doing 800-925w max 🙂
2 min max – 352w @ 161bpm
20 min @ 140 – dissapointing 189 @ 144.  went to hard immediately – then almost had to soft peddle to get hr down.  HR just refused to come down.
5 min max 276w @ 159.  This was just hard

Long Ride
another epic long ride.   – did my basic essex loop –  epping, thaxted, round high easter.
Torrential rain, flooded roads, (worst I’ve ever seen).  Eventually lost most of my braking, (lost my rear brake pad – replaced after last week’s epic ride – new rear wheel no scrapped up – oh well)

Full winter kit – new boots were lovely.  after 90 minutes, I felt a dribble. after 3 hrs my feet were squclhing, but still warm.  At 6 one was going a little numb.  Need to look at marrigold watreproofing 🙂
Gloves – bugger – ice cold by the end.  had trouble changing into my big ring by the end.

Slow – my assumed speed of 30kph was actually 25kph.  Real world speed is slower than IM training speed. hmmm

– 6:15hrs,  155k

1 * easy 30 min run – knee feeling better
2 strength / mobility sessions

solid weeks training.  Felt tired on Thursday but back on it by the weekend

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