Yay – I can ride rollers! – training week 6/40

total 20.5 hrs,  330k
2 * turbos
Commutes – 6 (28k each)
Long Ride  –  icy on Saturday morning, so out came the rollers.
5 hr ride on Saturday

Got the hang of the rollers OK, so I could drink from a bottle by the end of my 2 hr session.  However I found it hard to change position so my arse  was killing me.  Changing shorts on the hour helped,   Basically kept hr at my endurance pace – 129bpm and 90 rpm cadence, and then tried to hold that power.  Jumped on the turbo for the last 2 hours – again just steady state stuff, holding the same power,  I was working hard by the end, (ie my heart rate is drifting at a set power – I am not that fit yet and there is loads more work to do on basic aerobic fitness.

Long ride just felt hard / a struggle.  Forecast biblical weather did not really turn up on Sunday. and it was good to be out.  Weather did hit just before my ride decision point, so I headed home – ended up tacking on as the weather changed and the sun came out

Need to plan some new routes.

1 * easy 30 min run
2 strength / mobility sessions

Reasonable weeks training.  Nice to have options when the weather is rubbish

Pondering what to do with my commutes – I am feeling flat / tired on my commutes and  turbos – I am struggling to go easy on my commutes – so many people to out accelerate!
However if I cant ride 55k a day, how can I ride 300!

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