Bike Fit / Bike Decision

Big thing last week was getting a bike fit done on my prospective bike.  I went along to Freespeed in West London.


I am a regular bike commuter with long term mtb trail riding background.  Recently I’ve been doing ironman, riding my TT bike pretty exclusively.  I won a free bike fit for that 3 years ago and it made a massive difference to my position.  My own best guess was way off.

So my feel is not a good indicator of best fit, and I will be riding a lot in the coming months

I don’t have a massive road riding background, and mostly ride solo – ie no experienced roadies commenting on my position.

I want to use the TT bars effectively, else why carry them?  Getting an effective comfortable position on aero bars on a road bike is interesting

I also have big doubts about the size of my current bike.
It used to be my wife’s and so I think it’s a bit small.  I sometimes feel I bit crushed or cramped on it.  The TT position feels great though – not surprising as I set it up based on my TT bike.
If the bike does not fit then I will get measurements of what size frame I need to go buy.

I want disk brakes and more tyre clearance but not enough to justify a divorce.  I have a big enough kit list as it is.

Why freespeed?

They are near my work

They have an excellent reputation in the triathlon and ironman world…. Except I am not doing ironman…
but comfort and minimising effort while going as fast as possible I think will help


My existing TT position was pretty nailed…maybe slightly conservative.  This was due to me raising the pads with some spacers to give me use of the top of the handlebars while climbing.  A fudge that only partially worked.

My road bike position had suffered as a result.  I was way too far forward on it

Most importantly the bike was a reasonable size for me….
It did actually fit.  A touch on the lower end of optimal but perfectly fine 

Decision Time

OK – The bike fits – thats the one I am going to use.
Its a Fixie inc Betty Leeds.  You will probably have to look that one up on google.
Its a steel racing frame, and its very pretty, (before I cover it in gear)
I will fit 25mm conti 4 season tyres and hope for the best on the cobbles / gravel


New saddle.  I have used Adamo saddles for the last 3 years….they are now on all my bikes.  However I am using a Road model which actually is very tri specific pushing you forward and rotating your pelvis forward for the TT position, it’s less good for road.  I now have an adamo peleton saddle.  It’s longer and flatter so I can move around better.   It’s also in white. I am a tart

Slightly less comfortable on the bars (more saddle in the way) but way better on the road bars. 

Stem.  90mm to 110mm.  Most importantly  it’s got a nice white stripe on the top of it.

TT Bars.  I have a nice new set of 3T bars instead of the profile ones. They have arm rests that can be flipped up, but unlike the rubbish profile ones I have seen in the past these have a default position of being down

You just lift them when you want to climb.

The arm pads are carbon 😉  they may be a little small but I can get comfort pads (bigger) if needed


 The TT bars now feel lower (than I was used to)…. I need to get used to this.

Seat height / position – reduced down and back a touch

End result.

Road bike position is now bob on.

TT position looks very solid and is surprisingly good for a road bike/tribar setup

My wallet is £450 lighter but that included the components/3 hrs of an experts time, and some excellent chat 🙂

Was it worth it /value for money?

Well. I don’t need to spend £2k on a new bike

I should be more comfy.  No more /less numb hands hopefully

The tri position is still good…. For when I want it it’s fast…..  The road position is now dialed in as well.  That’s really important.

Overall I am happy and now confident in the bike. The gravel, cobbles, 300k and 2700m of climbing a day are another matter entirely 😮

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