training week 7/40

total 20 hrs,  390k
2 * turbos
Commutes – 8 (28-39k)
Long Ride  –  icy on Saturday morning, so rode later in the day.
Write off on Sunday – Heavy frost,  a hangover and work support from 12:30 conspired to make me stay under the duvet

Steady week as the weather worsens.  I managed 4 days of bike commuting which was nice, and more importantly did not toast myself midweek.

Must get to the pool again

Yet again my calf is playing up while running.  Not sure how to address this one.  I feel regular steady outdoor runs are needed.  I’ve been treadmill running to keep the dodgy knee warm but it might be time in Jan to start getting muddy again.

2 turbos done.  They now feel ingrained / part of my regular week.


2 * easy 30 min run
1 strength / mobility sessions

Reasonable weeks training but wussed out on one of my weekend rides.  Must stop drinking so much on a Saturday evening. :-~

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