I hate Christmas – training week 10/40

total 13 hrs,  341k
1 *  turbo
Commutes – 4 (28-39k)
Long Ride  –  4 hr 115k ride on new years day

Xmas week, and welcome January

Oh dear… three quarters of the floor were in.  I had to work instead – really inconvienient

January… Here we go again

The First week of January.  let’s get going.

It’s Time to draw a line in the sand as the Xmas excuses are over.  there are just 10 weeks of potential bad weather ahead… Short enough to htfu and get out there.   I also find it important to start January as well as possible.  It gets the ball rolling.  if you miss a couple of weeks then before you know it it’s February, and the habit of skipping things is ingrained etc.

10 weeks is also a short enough time period that it’s realistic to use reserves of training mojo to hit the key sessions/weekend rides.

Then I can hit Lanzarotte for 2 big weeks followed by an easier week.

Route planning.
I am across France and into Italy on a first cut.  I am sure thoughts will change (ie jumping from town to town or being in the middle of nowhere.)
Italy just looks busy.

This has stalled a bit so need to get going again with this

2 cold.commutes, (warm hands though).  I gave up on my planned lunch sessions/Tuesday turbo.  I feel I am relaxing and will pick it up in the new year……

I have a feeling this will be a long cold winter.

The average cold winter continues, I am on the sofa

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