training week 11/40 – I love indoor training

w/c 5th Jan
total 20hrs,  291k
2*  turbo
Commutes – 8 (28-39k)
Long Ride  –   5 hrs spin / roller session – it was cold!

New year – back on it….
2  runs,
and I swam !!!!

Weekend was a bit cold, and I am on support for work, so hit the gym and did back to back spin sessions, riding through the hour in the middle.  Then got out, but got a call after 30 mins so headed home and jumped on the rollers for an hour until my arse complained.

better than nothing

I’m back on my cyclocross while commuting to work.  It’s wet and busy.  Things that spring out to me while riding this are…..

28 tyres on decent wheels roll over anything… OK the worst pot holed roads in London (and some of those I use are rubbish)

Descending in the rain with is sketchy.  I like to stop.  Disk brakes are confidence inspiring…

So bike choice still keeps whirling around me head. I am still keeping an eye out for the frame of my choice. It’s at £700 at the moment…. And I have prepared the missus… 😉

If it hits £5something I will grab it

I may well put a cheeky offer in

Also I am thinking of bivvy kit and cold/wet riding kit options.

The average cold winter continues, I am on the spin bike / turbo

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