My TCR bike is finished (well, almost)



At 7:15 sunday morning, I made a decision.  Get out and ride (long) as it was a nice day, or finnish the bike and get out for a shorter ride later in the day.

The bike build won, so at 8:00 I cracked on.  I needed to cut the steerer, fit the aheadset, transfer front and back deraliures, cable it up, adjust gears, brakes, oh, add bar tape, and put on new tyres

At 15:30 I was (just about) done.  I sunk on the sofa, defeated

4 goes at cutting the steerer, (cut wrong side of tape, was too conservative, measured without a spacer, fitted with spacer… errr) but got it done eventually.

Used gore brake cable set I had lying around, and a set of nice slickshift SRAM cables

Hate wrapping the bars with the lizard skins DSP tape, (too thick) love the easton stuff on the tri bars.


Did I test ride it… err no.  The front deraliure is slipping so cant adjust it – the seat tube is really thin, and my packing is not good enough – bought a specific adjuster that will arive in the week – I’ll ride it next weekend 🙂

3 thoughts on “My TCR bike is finished (well, almost)”

  1. Nice, I’m doing the TCR on my Colossal too. I’m sure you will love it, for me the handling is so confidence inspiring I need to keep reminding myself I’m on skinny tyres as I through it into wet corners. (I spend most of my time on mtb tyres)
    Like that light mount on the tri bars, is it home made?


    1. The light mount is a profile design tri bar mount, with the exposure light bracket added – just a bit of padding. I had a couple nocking around. I got the idea from ed pickup’s bike set up


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