T-24 weeks to go – steady week getting over being ill

w/c 09th Feb – total 18hrs,  386k

Nice a steady – just getting over being ill so no turbos this week
Commutes – 8 * 28k
1 run – tweaked by calf – again 😦

Long Ride  –  2 * 3.5 hr rides – 173k
Over to my Dads, took a quicker route there, (I was late) and longer route home, in the dark 🙂

Turbos start again next week

3 weeks to Lanzarote 🙂

Power meters…. whats the point??

I’ve been using a quark powermeter for the last 2.5 years.  I bought it as a pick me up following knee surgery (I can’t run ‘properly’ anymore so I was in mourning.  (I am still doing Ironman but I just shuffle around the run 🙂 )

I use golden cheetah to put my data into.

I personally think it’s been great and has helped me improve…. but then I swapped the date range on a graph the other day,  and now I am not so sure…..

So… What have I seen?

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