T-20 – Everydaytraining camp – Training starts here with a big week

w/c 09/03 – Everydaytraining Long Distance Triathlon Training Camp

Target / Objective

4th time in a row I’ve gone. Each time I’ve been getting stronger, (except for the broken knee).  Its a cycle centric camp.
First year I surprised myself, clinging on to the fast bike group.
Then I’ve moved to be a solid / lead member of the fast bike group, winning / doing well on the 10 mile TT / tabeyescu TT

This year, I’ve been ill, but thought I was reasonably fit

Aim was to bike 150k a day, (average for the long rides is about 100k a day).

Day 1
Swim. wtf. Up at 6:30, meet at 7:00, in the water by 7:05. Its cold, blue, wet.  This was my third swim of the year
I survived with a smile. Just did the bare minimum 30 mins, and out asap. Done 🙂

Bike. Large group did any easy ride over to the TT course…. well, my HR hit 175 within 10 minutes as we trundled up the Donkey Track, and I was spat straight out the back. Some people are really going for it, I am on a heavy bike, and most importantly, I am still getting over the lurgey.
This is a strong group and I can’t sit with the lead pack – bugger. Its a bit humbling

El Golfo TT – 10 miles of rolling windy lanzarotyness.  I like it :-), and still have a KOM from part of the course as few people do TTs here.
Came second last year, beating Steven
This year – again HR hit 175 within 30 seconds. I had to back off. Last year, on the final climbs, I was keeping it above 300w, this year I was at 240, I pushed to 300w, held it for 10 seconds then back down. Oh dear
Came 9/21. Not massively impressive
stem was creaking a bit, so tighted it up – and stripped the threads! oops – got it tight enough for the TT, then split from the ride and headed off to pro bike at La Santa – 40 euro for a new stem, but i am now happy
Added on around La Famara for the 150k – DONE!

Sore throat finally gone after 2 weeks which is good, and cough is slowly going away

Run – hard. hr 15-20 bpm higher than it should be. Stopped for an ice cream at the end of the run 🙂

Day 2
splash, splash, splash. 4th swim of the year done

then off on a big rides, north side of the island with tabeyescu thrown in for good measure, then tacked on a little.

Day 3
aquathon. crap swim, crap run. only to be expected considering the swim / run training I’ve done
tweaked the right calf yet again – must really start stretching

bike… Added more luggage each day.  Rode south of the island route – tacked on heading off to haria.  Emergency rations needed, then home 🙂

edt day 4 Harria emergency rations (1)

Carrying fluid is interesting.
If I get a bigger frame bag I can only carry 2*500ml bottles – not ideal.  The yellow bottle is not easilly accessible, (the rear bag strap prevents the bottle being grabbed while riding.

I tried a camelback – OK but……..

riding with some kit

Day 4
easy bob with a bit of swimming attached

Tabeyescu TT.
I was rubbish. My previous PB last year was 32 mins, (avg: 293w, hr 156).
I rolled in in 37 mins. (253w, hr 154) oh dear 😦
this backs up how I have been feeling all camp – basically a bit crap. I am heavier, less power, on a heavier bike
i am struggling

Then we had a surprise additional hill climb TT -a 1.4k long, 120m climb, ie just under 10%.  It was handicapped based on the tabeyesu TT result.  I had a good handicap, (having not been good up it), so I went for it.  We went off on 30 second intervals.  Started chasing people down immediately.  It was very, very hard.  Start with a hard effort, then up it, then push on again and cling on for dear life at the top.  I think I was panting the loudest over the line, and spent 3 minutes hanging over the bars recovering.  I was 2nd fastest camper in 6:11, but won on handicap.

I get a Speedfil drinking system as a prize, (from camp sponser upgradebikes.com)  This looks an interesting alternative to carrying drinks bottles,  If it keeps the rear bottle cage free then I’ll seriously think of using it.

Added on with a trip around el gofo, then on to playa blanca and an emergency cherry powerbar, then onto / over femes. ouch
emergency cheese burger / chips when I got to the hotel. Went shopping and bought loads of crap 🙂 Post beer crepe, then a pot-noodle!

Day 5
Swim race. Went steady on the first lap, steady out to the bouys, then hammer home. that was hard, and I ended up mid pack – very happy
Easy ride – just did 85k, steady, glad for an easy recovery day
Quads are fu**ed, calves are not happy.

Feel good on the bike when go steady, but there is not much left when I go hard.

Had a fun day supporting the 10k run race, (felt very guilty for skipping it)

Day 6
Ironman Lanza bike course.   Felt a little outgunned in the bike department 🙂

edt day6-outgunned- (1)

Nice steady day. Decided to ride with the medium group, but added all my bags, full of wet weather kit, food etc etc. I did not look the typical triathlete, and its always fun to pass others when kitted up 🙂
Felt a little apprehensive that I may be too slow, and sure enough the group started strongly, with sicknote-john going for it, after being ill all week, riding at or off the front for the first couple of hours. I just rode steady, but felt stronger the further we got.

Then had great fun then sheparding sicknote from Teguise onwards after he blew 😉 Felt strong / composed on the final third which was nice, but not that surprising having ridden within myself for the day.
Reasonably slow but it was a training day, not a race.

Evening camp completion party / celebrations lasted way too late

Got the most riding on the camp – It felt easy to do, but I am only riding half distance

Day 7
hung over!. Day off

Day 8 – Yay the missus arrived.
easy ride with her, then onto do 140k for the day.  Its Sunday, no supermarkets were open, needed food and ended up in coffee shops.  Struggled

Day 9 – 14
A couple of swims, a couple of easy missus rides, but nothing significant.  Spent time with the missus instead and had a proper break / recovery.
Ate, drunk, relaxed. 🙂

So a really solid first week, and an unplanned holiday in the second.  Not what I planned, but hey ho 🙂

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