T-17 Big Easter Weekend

So the plan was for 100 miles each day, no matter the weather. – Why?

  • Multi day riding.  Day 1 is easy, day 3 is not
  • I am building slowly to regular 200k rides

Thursday evening.
bike commute in to work in the morning, then in the evening 35k to the missus workplace (a gym) for a turbo session on a watt bike.

I have been skipping turbos for the last 8 weeks, but no more!

60 mins including 2*20 minutes at a tempo effort –  done

Good Friday
100 miles planned… But I have to wait for the plumber.  We have had no hot water or heating for the last week.  It’s been cold and getting the heating fixed is the priority.
I clean the kitchen, sort the washing out…
It’s pissing down outside

I get the turbo out into the front room (so I don’t miss the plumber – I do an hour.
I have a break
I eat.
I am getting frustrated
It’s 1pm.  I get a text – plumber will not be appearing today 😕 😥

No slacking – I get out for 4 hrs.  It’s dried up but it feels really tough

I ride NE out of London straight into a 10-12 mph headwind, generally uphill a bit.  The wind was light enough that I didn’t notice it (no leaves russling yet), but strong enough to make it feel hard
Did my usual Essex loop.  When I turned for home, it got better, but then the rain hit.
It was not that pleasant

100k done and an hours turbo.  I am behind the target 😎

170k done.  Usual long Essex loop but skipped the last  hilly 10k as it was getting late.  medium winter kit.  It was cold and my feet were numb for the last 4 hrs
First 2 hours just hurt.  I was crap.  No power in the legs.  They just hurt.
If I can’t ride 2 hrs how the hell am I going to ride for 14 a day?
Headed for home and things picked up.  I grabbed some food, got passed by a couple of guys as I started off.  Chased them down over the next 5k 😀
And felt better and better

Split ride to see my dad.  80k out, 89k home (last 2 hrs at night)
Again riding out just felt rubbish, but got stronger as the ride progressed.  I am starting to feel like I need 2 hrs to warm up.
Ride home was great.
Full winter kit as it’s chilly in the morning, but I did start to feel a bit warm in places

Took the anti divorce measure and rode with the missus.  90k and then home to do some house stuff.  first day of spring 🙂

Tuesday bike commute and another hour turbo –  3 mins on, 3 mins off, and repeat.

So.  I did not hit my target
But I rode all 4 days, with 2 solid rides.  6/10 but I felt committed adain – easy when I don’t stay up half the night