T -18 – I am my own worst enemy

As a kid, I loved computer gaming.  I’m of an age where I needed lots of 10ps to feed my defender or pinball habits
15 years later it was pc gaming.  I spent a decade surviving on 4 hrs sleep a night.

I was generally crap during the day

However enough was enough and I swapped one habit for another and started training reasonably seriously

Roll on 5 years and I deliberately have a crap PC to avoid reverting.  However an old favorite (Baldurs Gate) has been spruced up and reissued….

And a recent upgrade to my phone means it runs some really nice games….(world of tanks blitz anyone?)

Oh dear

If I am still up at 2am the likelihood of me being on the bike for 7:30 is near 0. The missus leaves for work then on a Sunday.  I am still in bed and that’s it for the day

So having a few late nights on a recent break to lanza (and not riding the next day), the following weekend arrived.  I was scheduled an easy weekend but having had a holiday for the last few days in lanza I was going to do a big ride.

I was still up at 2:30 am.
The weather the next day was dreadful

I was safely snuggled in bed, made it to the sofa and watched Geraint Thomas almost win Ghent Wevelghem instead
And I end up hating myself all day

So I am my own worst enemy

The hard part is getting out the door.

So…  I now leave the phone downstairs at night
No more kindle at night.  I  am reading paper books instead – I read 15 mins and am asleep.
I prep the bike the night before.  It takes 10 minutes then and 30 mins in the morning.
It also sets the mind to ‘i am riding long tomorrow’ instead ‘I should get out tomorrow’
The missus is also getting tough with me.  I am not very nice if I don’t get out.

Easter weekend becons

I’m to ride 100 miles+ every day.  Let’s see how it goes….

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