T-16 – back to back 200k rides – done!






Big Week  🙂
bike – 704k, 30hrs!!
includes 2 turbos and 2 big rides
2 runs, a swim!!!

Enthusiasm is back with the nice weather 🙂

Missus was away on a course for 2 days over the weekend, so I was free to ride big both days.
Jumped with a local cycling group for the first 2 hrs, grabbed a big second breakfast, then off  I went solo.  The ride was fueled by fired bread 🙂
Used the navigation on my Garmin for 30k to get back to the top of my old route – this is where it took me…..  The 5k before this was great, then it became a farm track, the 1k of this.  I only walked 20m (of really really bad stuff).  The worst was the mud jamming in between the tyre and the front fork.  A few scratches but all is OK.  Then on with the ride.

Once I got to 100k the ride got easier and easier – the ks just seem to go by more quickly






garmin routing


Sunday ride.  Teamed up with a local tri group, only they did not turn up so ended up with a couple of roadies from Eagle road club who wanted an easy ride.   I clung onto their rear wheels…….  but it was good to ride hard.

Peeled off when they headed for home, and went hunting for breakfast after 60k.  Cracked on, did another new random loop to keep things interesting then headed home, via way of a pub for a cheese and ham sandwich.

I am fueling like crazy – it breaks the ride up and keeps me trucking 🙂

so lessons learnt…..

200ks are ok – they will become my long ride staple (per Kristoff advice)
I need some new routes to keep things fresh
Its nice riding with people for a little bit
I feel slow….. (8 hrs for 219k…..)
Legs are tired – commute the following day was interesting – just spinning the legs

Things are building in the right direction though

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