T-12 – Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuck!  FUCK!!!!!

How can I be feeling like a frightened bunny 3 months out?


As a way of handling this I have created a list.  It’s quite long.
So I just need to start knocking some things off…..
However I am still have a racing heart whenever I think too deeply about this.

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T-13 – Wheels have arrived!

wheels hub

Front:- Son delux dynamo hub, sapim x-ray bladed spokes, Pacenti SL25 rims.
Rear: Tune Kong hub,  sapim x-ray bladed spokes, Pacenti SL25 rims.

Expensive, but as they are disk hubs the wheels should last.  Built by DCR wheels – he also did some last year for someone, Josh Ibbett I think so he knows all about the event – my choice of HED rims got altered to the Pacentis and therefore upgraded rear hub.

Just need to work out all the wiring and I can start playing:-)

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