T-10 big week planned at the tour of wessex

Big weekend at the tour of wessex sportive…

When I was mapping out the year, this coming  weekend was marked as a key session.  Am I ready?

The plan

Day 1.  Ride 230k down to the event.  Not too bad but I will be towing an extra wheel holding my tent and gear.  Wtf is an extra wheel?


There you go… Allows me to pull gear but the weight is taken by the wheel, not my back.  It also feels better than panniers.  The bike feels reasonably normal, depending on weight that you are pulling of course….)  it feels very stable, and it’s only ever disconnected when it’s turning really tight (more than 90 degrees)

Going up hill…. Well weight is weight….

So it’s slower/harder than normal, but I want to get my tent down there, as well as some kit for the weekend.  I also need to cross central London/Surrey pulling it.  Wish me luck.

Oh then camp, on my half sleeping mat, no pillow.  I am taking my normal sleeping bag (it’s only may).  It’s training so the trianga comes for coffee and pot noodles

Day 2. Or tow first day.  Breakfast booked with the tow

180k or so.  I may add on a bit to hit the 200k mark.  I am planning to ride steady, and will stop somewhere for decent (non sugar) food, even if it’s just a pasty or sandwiches.  I have found a cooked breakfast keeps.me going well in the second half of my long rides

Evening meal booked with tow.  Expensive but easy.

Day 3.  Repeat.  Just get it done

Day 4 -last tow day.  Don’t think I have to add on this day 😦

No evening meal though as the event shuts down.   So I pack and up sticks to a pub 20k away.  I have booked a room, so will rest with a pint and some good food

Day 5. 200k home again.

So it’s about 1000k across the 5 days.  Just 2/3 of tcr planned millage, but this is just training and part of my build up.

Am I nervous?  Just of the unknowns.

I’ve just grabbed someone’s recommended  route down there,, but have checked it out /validate it.

It will be the first time I use my dynamo to charge anything..  I’ll use a pass through battery for this as I only have 1 garmin available (the missus needs hers as she is riding 60 solo miles on Saturday)

Oh and the first time I’ve done more than 2 back to back 200 k rides. 😥

It’s gonna be a measure of where I am at 😮

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