t-8 Longest ride of the year – 280k

mixed week, with 3 c ommutes (150k) followed by 100k with the missus on Saturday, and a 200k audax. Needed to ride 40k there and back.

Went steady for the first third, then hammered the last third. a bit of a tail wind helped, but I ended up with a 5th overall on a 18k strava segment, which was unexpected, but matched how I felt, (i really strong)

Could easily have added on for 300k, but did not really have anywhere else to go 🙂

Tried a front bar bag for the first time to carry food and kit. fueled the ride with 2 salami sandwiches, 4 hot cross buns, and a egg and bacon baguette from a handy sandwich sshop in Tring 🙂

A good day

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