Fat and Unfit – Lets Start Training Again


I’ve done no proper training for a year.
I’ve lost a lot of fitness.
I’ve put on 10kgs.
I’ve been putting all my energies into work, as a result I am stressed, fat and unfit, and unhappy

Tomorrow I’ll have a chat with work, and I intend to drop back down to my former role – time to get less stressed, lose a bit of money but also 95% of the responsibility that I am struggling to handle.

I’ve signed back up with a coach that I used while ironman training – The main reason is that I find it motivating – I hate not to succeed / like to please people, so when someone else asks me to do a training ride, I will go and do it.


As a result, I got out today for a 5 hr ride, my first proper training ride for a year. – Yay!!! I’m back!  Its just a shame I was shit, but the fitness will come back, (hopefully)


I had the bike I used in tcr no3 stolen 😦 while touring in france. It survived 10 days of leaving it behind hotels, and got stolen as soon as I put it in a locked garage.  Oh well.

As a result I bought a cheap(ish) winter/commute bike – an Orbea avant M30 (i think).  Its got a carbon frame, hydraulic disks, ultegra, mudguard mounts and room for mudguards – all for about £1200, down from £3000 – 60% off!!.  I’ve bought some lovely PDW mudguards, and some hardware to mount them to the lovely hidden but awkwardly placed mudguard mounts.
I’ve also got a stages power meter on its way – this bike will be my winter workhorse – commutes, turbos and long winter rides, and I miss power on my bikes.  Its a G2 version – I think they have finally fixed the problems re water etc.  Any issues and it will go straight back to the shop!

The missus lost her Look too – it was a cracking little frame in XS – and she is very unhappy……  We are hunting for something nice for her too……




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