T-20 weeks – Training this week

Training Summary – w/c 10/03

Total – 19 hrs
Long ride – 5.5 hrs on a trainer

Weekend ride – Zwift Riders Germany / ZHCC century ride

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 21.15.59.png

Had a partial week of bike commuting, (missed Wednesday and Thursday due to evening stuff), but hit my turbos and optional early morning sessions, so it was quite a big week.

On Saturday I had an abridged ride, (a zwift audax – wtf??)  – however I ended up in a great group, all riding at 2.2ishw/kg.  However I had to drop off after 90 mins as I needed to go to the dentist for a root canal session.  oh joy.

I am on support at work, so Sunday meant no outdoor ride – so the plan was another ZRG session (hard) followed by a 100 mile zwift ride with ZHCC’s annual slow, sub 2.0 century ride.

The ZRG ride was great – a really good ride, and much better than last week.  I sat at the front of the group and felt great, and my HR sat at 130.  I frequently went to the front and slowly pushed.  I did 90 mins then dropped out and joined the ZHC 100 mile ride.  

I found this a little slow so.  I was on discord the first time, and the banter was good.  However, I was just going off the front riding easy, so I ended up riding solo.  I did a 100k rather than 100  miles, but with both rides together, I ended up with 5.5 hrs so I was happy with that.

So wtf is the graph all about.  A blue line going up is the volume of training / training load going up….. and hopefully my fitness, (if I recover well).  The red dots are what I did each day – 0 is bad, (unless its Friday).

I think you can see a difference from when I had no targets, (over xmas) to the last 2 weeks.  tcr is scaring the crap out of me 🙂



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