T-21 weeks – Training this week

Training Summary – w/c 03/03

Total – 13.5 hrs
Long ride – 3 hrs on a trainer

Weekend ride – Zwift Riders Germany

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 21.24.45.png

It was snowing all week, and it snowed again on Friday so no outdoor riding.  Instead I hit the trainer.  I’ve been using Zwift trying solo riding and some solo training sessions.  This weekend, I tried some group rides for the first time, and also a race.

I absolutely loved them.

I bumped into several organised rides from ZSUN, OCC, ZWG (german endurance ride on Sundays) and SVD (swedish endurance rides).

The ride I tried on Saturday was too slow. (below 2w/kg).  The ride I tried on Sunday was too hard / fast, (2.5 w/kg).  Partly, its learning how to ride with the group.  Drafting makes a massive difference on zwift – On Sunday I sat near the rear and ended up working really hard to stay there – lots of surges and a high HR to continually jump back to the group.   After 90 mins of a hr of 150, I backed off, got dropped from the group and rode solo to complete the 3 hrs.  Humbling but the right decision

Thank god snow has melted so normal commute is resumed for the rest if the week.

Early mornings

As this was the first week’s proper training, then this was my first set of early mornings.  The missus is up at ridiculously early on Wednesdays and Thursdays, as she’s out to open the gym she works at.  As a result, I was on the bike at 5:30 onWednesday, and 5:50 on Thursday.

It really felt like training had started 🙂




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