T-17 weeks – A Big Easter Weekend…?

Training Summary – w/c 31/03

Total – 15 hrs
Long ride – 5 hrs on the trainer

Weekend ride – Zwift tour of Watopia / 4 Horsemen

Yay – the Easter bank holidays.

The plan
Four good rides, with a 200k audax on the bank holiday Monday.

The reality
hmm. here come the excuses…..
The weather was not good.
I was feeling tired.
The house was a state, (but the builders are almost done).
So I skipped riding and sorted stuff around the house.  Lots of brownie points earned, and some sanity returning as its hard to live in a shithole.  At least it is and also stay married 🙂

I had a quick ride on the Saturday – I started 4 horseman ride in Zwift, and did the first 3 climbs then stopped as something came up….    It was the first time I did the epic goat KOM, found a radio tower, and also the volcano climb – bit of a surprise to find 15% gradients.


So on Monday I thought I would give it a proper crack, but first I wanted to do the first Tour of Watopia stage – including the epic goat KOM.  I wanted to ride steady, but with 750 other people riding, the competitive instinct kicked in regardless.  I ended up riding steady, and came in about 350/750.  However I spent an 1 hr 40 mins with an average hr of 140 and 200w.  steady?? oops.

So, the 4 horseman.  Again nice and steady.  I started with the original KOM, and did a PB up it by 3 minutes.  It all went south after that.  The goat was OK, volcano was hard and I detonated on my first ride up the alpe du zwift after 11 hairpins.   Having full realism on, and a 11-25 on the back was really rather stupid – I normally ride with a 11-32 so spin up everything.

I felt a little humbled.  Great power numbers in Lanza fooled me into thinking I was a cycling god again.  The alp du zwift reminded me I am not.

The rest of the week was some (wet) bike commuting, and a couple of turbos including a good MAF test 🙂


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