T-15 weeks to go – A bad week due to work support and illness

Training Summary – w/c 14/04

Total – 8 hrs
Long ride – 2 hrs, oh dear

Not the best week.
It started badly with me being on support for the weekend.
I am second line support for the apps that the team I work with look after.  If something goes wrong with sky live streaming / vifeo on demand or downloads, then I can get a call.  Riding with a laptop, and hoping you have 4g network coverage does not make for a relaxed ride.
I currently need to be on support once a month.  I get a half days time off for it, but frankly its a pain.

So I did not a lot.

And felt crap about it

I then followed this up with being ill for the next 4 days, so very little training as I frankly felt shit.

I am treating it as recovery 🙂


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