T-13 weeks to go – Ouch! – shoulder issues!

Training Summary – w/c 28/04

Total – 21 hrs
Long ride – Double weekend ride – 5hrs + 5:45 hrs

I. Am. Broken.


Hopefully not too badly though.  Somewhere along the way, I had a fight with my hoody top, or was it a thermal after turboing? and it won.  My shoulder was a bit achy on the Friday, but I did not really notice as I stood on the tube holding a large box of cream cakes, (treats for the team I work with).  Add an easy lunch run and all was good

Saturday dawned, and out I went with the missus.  Somewhere along the way I noticed something was not right.  Anything out of the saddle hurt, and moving my arm quickly was a problem.  However, when just riding at a steady effort, all was OK. 65k with the missus to a nice essex cafe, then a solo 65k home.  The weather was rubbish!

So I went out again Sunday.  Things were getting worse.  I could not use the tri bars at all. Getting my jersey on in the morning was a challenge, but I only really had issues coming back into town.   Starting from a junction or set of lights was challenging. I headed for home after 80k for a 160k ride.  Again, the weather was cold and miserable.

I then rode into work on the Monday – a big mistake.

My commute is essentially 5 k of ok riding at each end,  with 18k of traffic light based interval training in the middle.

It did not go well.  I could not lift my arm of the bars.  I sat at each set of lights knowing someone was about to twist a knife in my shoulder as I tried to start off as easily as possible.

I hit the alcohol when I got home.  Constant pain is really draining and debilitating.  

Turns out I have a pull in one of my rotator cuff muscles.  However, it’s now inflamed and is being compressed on one of the bones it runs under in the shoulder.  

I cannot believe how debilitating it is.

I had a session with the physio on the Monday, and the prognosis is good.  50% less pain by the weekend, and should all be fine after a couple of weeks.  Look after it and it will heal.

So I’ll pull out of kayaking this weekend at the Tweryn.  It’s a real shame as I love the river and had been looking forward to this all year.  On the other hand, I’ll have 3 days riding in North Wales.

Just need to get healthy again

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