T-14 weeks to go – Back on Track

Training Summary – w/c 21/04

Total – 21 hrs
Long ride – 4:45 hrs
Zwift Tour of watopia – completed.
2 runs!

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 21.00.56

A good week.
It started well with me completing the Zwift tour of Watopia on the Saturday.  Its been a commitment to do, but its been nice having a structure to hit.   I’ve learnt a bit about the watopia, and about Zwift so its been fun.
However, I suspect I’ll be using it less now as the weather improves.

I then got out for a 4-5 hr ride on the Sunday – a bit of a variation on my traditional route, but i was hunting breakfast.  Then headed to meet with the missus for lunch and a kayak session at Lea Valley White water center.
It felt good to hit my normal roads, ride well and feel good in good weather.

Good solid week with regular commuting, 2 turbos, an extra early morning ride on the Wednesday.

Happy days 🙂

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