Weighty Issues

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  • 2008  – 85kg +  I was fat.  Despite some bike commuting I was still fat.  I started regular running, then triathlon.
  • 2013  – 73kg. That was my ironman racing weight. Could fit into small kit on occasions, but all my kit was medium.
  • 2015 tcr#3 – 75kg
  • 2016/17 – 86kg – broken, and putting on weight again.  Moved from medium to large.  I am fat!

My diet has always been carb heavy.  When I was training well, I was eating boatloads of carbs.  ie a family pack of chilli doritoes and a couple of pints of chocolate milk following each long ride.  When I stopped training, I kept eating, and ended up with 10 kg of fat, most if it around my waist.

Oh and too much alcohol

2018 – I changed my diet, following the principles of the blood sugar diet.  Ie eat as much veg as possible with some grilled meat/fish. Breakfast has shifted from 3 Wheatabix to yoghurt and raspberries.

Second breakfast, (after a 28k commute into work) has shifted from porridge and nuts to a red grapefruit. I am eating as much fruit as I want.  No more milk or cordial to bed, instead just water.  Evening meals are now an enormous bowl of salad / veg, with some grilled / fried fish or chicken or steak.  Its basically cutting out processed carbs, rice and potatoes.  I still eat bread when training, (hot x buns are my go to food while riding).   Lunch meals at work are unchanged.

I also upped my training as I got into tcr6 which has had some effect – but mostly its diet.

I’d dropped to 83kg by the start of the year, but then down to 77/78kg in an almost effortless way.  

Things have paused as I’ve started eating some biscuits again, but it’s time to push on.

I am loving the veg, and evening meals, and feel great.  It’s not low carb, just lower / less refined carbs.

Good news as the weight is coming off, and more importantly, it makes my w/kg numbers in zwift a bit more respectable.


One thought on “Weighty Issues”

  1. Great stuff OC. I had good success with low carb last and lost 2.5 stone but started on the sugar & went up a stone again. Been on it for 8 days and lost a few lbs already (water probably) but feeling good and looking forward to seeing how far I can go with it.

    Keep it up 👍🏼


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