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Post Race Thoughts

I got there a day late after the party.  I really did not care by then – I went as fast as I could considering my background, training, experience and approach.

We had a late finershers party 2 days later

Approx 178 started,
38 got there for the party on Saturday night
70 approx DNFd
70 approx got there late

Everyone agreed it was the hardest yet, and harder than anticipated.  Assietta and the days of headwinds across France, Italy, Albania, Greece and Turkey were not expected and contributed to the DNFs

I am very proud to have finished. I had a few dark moments, and was in pieces in days 2-6, but I never really thought I would not make it.  I just thought I would need to go slower.  Stubbornness I guess

After effects and thoughts

I slept a lot the following couple of weeks.

My little fingers are still tingly, but are getting better – an improvement from them being numb when I finished, (I have swollen palms / compression of the ulnar nerve).  I was on the tri bars as much as possible,but i obviously ride badly on the hoods
I felt really lethargic / down / maybe depressed over the last week or so.  I got home 4 days after I finished, and was straight back into work.  Initially it was OK, but I have this sense of loss……
Its hard to get going again – I was finally back on the bike 3 weeks after finishing

2 months later and I skipped IM Mallorca, (could not be arsed).  I am bike commuting but no long rides at the weekends…. yet.  What is wrong with me?

Do I recommend this to anyone else – yes.  Its hard on so many levels, (physical, mental) but its doable.  Just be really aware of what you are getting into – a 300k ride should not phase you.

Will I do it again – probably.  If it goes somewhere else than Istanbul, then probably definitely

What will I change

Carrying a bivvy bag / sleeping bag / sleeping mat is heavy, but it gives such confidence that I can sleep anywhere if I need to
Hotels – i would use them again.  i can eat, wash me and kit, recharge stuff etc.  However, I need to be way more efficient

  1. buy breakfast on the way to the hotel / get a pack lunch made
  2. eat, wash kit, pack bike again
  3. go to sleep, (10 oclock)
  4. wake 6 hrs later (4), and leave (4:15), eating as I go

Instead, I ate, did stuff and got to sleep at 12-1.  woke at 6:30, breakfast at 7, packed bike and away at 8:00 – 8:30.  Getting up early means I get another 4 hrs a day…….  I am a night owl which is OK in western europe – its a bit tougher in SE europe as the dogs freak me out

I am done – finally