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T – 26 weeks – Steady Week – first ride on the Collossal :-)

w/c 26th Jan – total 18hrs,  341k
1 * turbo
Commutes – 8 * 28k
2 runs
Long Ride  –   3 hour spin followed by a 4 hr cold windy ride.  Glad to be homeNew bike is nice – stable, predictable, corners well when you want it but is not   twitchy.  Slow to get up to speed, but once there holds speed really well.

Brakes feel great
25mm tyres feel very comfy
I likey

training week 13/40 – I really love indoor training

w/c 12th Jan
total 12hrs,  127k !!!
1*  turbo
Commutes – 4 (28-39k)
Long Ride  –   5 hrs spin / roller session – its still cold!

had drinks at work on wednesday, new frame was delivered on Thursday,, so aborted training to unpack it 🙂

Weekend was still cold, so did another mamoth spin / roller session.  They are quite hard, (riding home from the gym after 4 hrs was tough – legs were a little fried)

better than nothing though

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training week 11/40 – I love indoor training

w/c 5th Jan
total 20hrs,  291k
2*  turbo
Commutes – 8 (28-39k)
Long Ride  –   5 hrs spin / roller session – it was cold!

New year – back on it….
2  runs,
and I swam !!!!

Weekend was a bit cold, and I am on support for work, so hit the gym and did back to back spin sessions, riding through the hour in the middle.  Then got out, but got a call after 30 mins so headed home and jumped on the rollers for an hour until my arse complained.

better than nothing

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Training overview

1.  weekly training will based on my ironman basic week, but will be cycling centric, and spiced up in spring / summer with some big weekends

2.  basic week structure.
Get a training week together that is repeatable and sustainable.  I should be able to do this 48 weeks out of 52.  if its too big, then i will skip stuff.
Its better to be a bit smaller then add in, rather than too big and miss key sessions

3. Consistency, consistency, consistency.

4.  I need a mix of stuff / x training.
2 weigjts sessions,
1-2 yoga /mobilty sessions,
2/3 run sessions,
1/2 swims.  the aim of this is to build leg strength / core fitness.  Being fit and resilient has helped me through big endurance days.  some RAAM training notes I found mentioned x-training as a key thing to do as well.
I also need to do enough so IM austria does not break me 3 weeks out from the TCR

5. Lots of biking 🙂

Biking.  guidance notes…..
1. Mix it up (mtb in epping forrest, canal rides to work, gravel route by the thames etc)
2. Do some speed work (2 turbos a week)
3.  do lots of 200k rides (re Kristoff Allegaert).
4.  back to back riding on weekends, adding tripple days by adding in some mondays off work as well
This will be a little challenging as I ride with the missus on a Saturday (she is a novice Ironman, so needs lots of riding, but she is slower than me.  I’ll be on my mtb 🙂
5.  Bigger weekends… Big saturday as possible, sunday big ride including night riding, crash overnight (hostel in winter/spring, bivvy bag in summer).  big monday ride home.  ie 200k saturday, 200 ->300k sunday, 200->300k monday.
Big overnight rides practice night riding, finding food, sleeping in the open, how much sleep is needed, getting going in the morning. Re ed pickup.  sounds a great idea
6 basic periodisation.  Always give yourself somewhere to go – build slowly through the year.  There is no point being it tip shape in May, to then burn out in June and July and lose fitness.
I normally do this each year so will need to pace myself.  I’ve found I lose enthusiasm and training becomes a chore, around about June normally, just when i should be doing the key sessions.  It shows i normally am going bonkers in April/May
6.  Coach – I am continuing to use Steven Lord as a coach.  I’ve found it great over the previous 3 years…. I can work things out for myself, but i miss fewer session when someone else asks me to do them.  I am on a cycling only program this year, due to cost, I am doing minimal running only, and i have 3 yrs of swim sessions in the can.
His background is ironman, with his bike being a major weapon.  He is famous for bonkers levels of training…., and he trains double IM champions, knows someone who did the tcr last year, and Jo Carritt has done doubles as well.  So he does not have a perfect background, but he knows me, knows what I can do and is familiar with big training.

I also don’t know of any coaches specializing in bonkers endurance cycling
I will progressivly add longer and longer rides in on Sundays.  12hr rides should be ‘comfortable’.