Kit tcr#3

Original bike – Fixie inc. Betty Leeds – NOW WON@T BE COMING TO TURKEY

Its being sacrificed!  –  see for details

Its a steel framed road bike circa 2010.
Its got a mix of SRAM kit on it – rival for winter riding and i’ll swap some force kit onto it once the weather improves
It has a full fat chainset on it at the moment, (quarq powermeter) but I’ll swap to a compact for the race.
Its got a climbing gear set on it – 11-32 at the back 🙂


current thoughts on kit


I am planning on roughing it one-two nights, then hotel it for a night to recover.  Ratio of roughing it to hotels will decrease as I go, (less night riding in Albania, Greece and Turkey due to dogs/wolves at night!)

Why – keep riding till 24:00 and sleep 6 hours, as opposed to stopping at 20:00, eating, having a good nights sleep, eating breakfast and underway again by 7.

The ability to stop anywhere is massive for the peace of mind, rather than having to find a hotel at 23:00 in the middle of nowhere.

So I am going to use good kit, with ideas stolen from Ed Pickup’s blog (

Bivvy bag – nemo gogo

Its light, small, and expensive.  I have taken a risk and purchased it from the USA.  The cost was comparatively cheap, even with postage and customs duty.  Lets see what happens.


Mat – thermarest neo air xlite  –  going for a half size one – yet to purchase

Sleeping bag – already have an old summer weight one, and a silk liner.


  • Garmin 800, (and my Wife’s spare)  Been using it for the last 3 years, (replacing on warrenty scheme every 18 months as the contacts corrode)
  • Son hub (yet to purchase)
  • sinewave converter  (yet to purchase)
  • exposure revo light with red eye rear light
  • exposure joy stick (with red – eye rear light – yet to purchase)
  • maybe another battery / rechargeable rear light

reviews – add links to posts as needed

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