wtf? – whats the transcontinental?

4000k, 14 and a half days – 300k a day.

  • It is an unsupported  event requiring total self-reliance.
    • If your bike breaks ….. fix it.
    • If you get lost …… get un-lost.
    • Need food, somewhere to sleep …. find something.

For those who rely on luck alone, Transcontinental N0.3 will raise the stakes.
Many will fail.


My longest ride to date is 500k.  oh dear

TCR No 3 route announced

Tcr.. Route announced

Ventoux… Interesting route to northern italy, eastern europe somewhere… Istanbul
Watched the awol video of tcr1….. The fit guy commuted what i do… And broke.   hmmmm
It brung home several things
Need lots of consistent training from now….
Route choice is very very important esp the further you go
I Cant blag this

This is big
Need the right and right amount of gear
Cobbles and gravel.  what bike can i get away with….
It scared me a bit…. Ok a lot