Training 2014/15

Basic Week Structure

This is what I will try and do for the next 40 weeks.
Things will get in the way, but this should be achievable / repeatable

Morning Lunch Afternoon Evening
Sat medium/long ride – ride out with the missus then add on
Sun long ride
Mon bike commute (28k) yoga/
(optional) bike commute
Tue optional bike commute easy run bike commute (35k) turbo,
Wed bike commute (28k) weights optional bike commute
Thu optional bike commute off or
bike commute (35k) turbo,
run or swim
Fri rest day swim
then pizza

Sat / Sun – long rides are key sessions – they are the point
Monday – commute in – this will extend, simulating getting up and riding again.
Bike commutes are across central London – way to many lights so the ride is basically an interval session.  I am trying to go easy.
Bike commutes – I will drop these as needed early in the year – keeping fresh to hit my turbos and long rides.  Later in the year the commutes become mandatory, and some will be extended
Turbos – as spec’d – my hard / intense sessions.
Yoga – stay supple / and in one piece – try to stop myself being broken by so much riding
Swim / Run – well I have an ironman to do a month before the TCR! – basically doing the minimum to get around.

Outline Training Plan

End feb – big weekend away

mid march – Ironman Triathlon training camp ( on Lanzarote.  6 days of 30 min swim, long bike, 30 min run a day.I am staying on an extra week, so thats 12 days of 150k a day.

Mid April – big weekend away
Early May – big weekend away
Mid May – big weekend away

Mid May – 2 day sportive with the wife around london

End May – very big week  – Ride to the Tour of Wessex, 3 days of Tour of Wessex, ride home

End of June – 10 day road trip driving to Austria, with Ironman Austria as the highlight – ok a big training day.  Plan to ride in the alps most days.

This is a summary of my training over each of the 40 weeks since I entered the transcontinental.



I had good intentions for 2014/5.
Good Bits
Nov / Dec 2014
Training camp in Lanza (Feb 2015)
Tour of Wessex (May 2015)

err… thats about it

Bad Bits

An ironman ahead of the TCR was a bad idea
I got bored in June / July
Turbos stopped in March…..  (cooincides with me getting a management job 😦  )


I also obviously got bored filling out the table below….
Its all in training peaks but essentially I did regular bike commutes and regular weekend rides, but no more…

Week total (hrs) riding
long ride (hrs) Comment!
1 14:50 329k 5.5 split ride to Dads. wet on the way there
2 22.5 446k 6.5 castle ride, then added on as it was a nice day. Will need to double this – thats food for thought.
3 17.5 339k 7.75 epic split ride to Dads. wet on the way there, night ride on the way home – very commiting! and character building
4 22 390k 6.25 epic ride in the cold, wet wet wet. Massive flooding
5 12 220k 0 YAY!!! i’m in
In celebration, wussed out of the Sunday ride – spent the day in bed
6 20.4 330k 4, 5 4 hrs sat, 5 on sunday
17 big weekend away??
19 EDT Training Camp
07 – 13 march
20 Week in Lanza
14 – 20 march
23 big weekend away??
26 big weekend away??
29 big weekend away??
30 Mittie around london
16 / 17 may
32 big weekend away??
ride there
Tour of wessex 23 – 25 may
ride home
33 ride there
Chiltern 100 31 may
ride home
35 Holiday starts – 21 June – 4th July
36 Ironman Austria
28 June
37 Holiday till 4th July
40 TCR

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