Kit List – tcr#3


My kit prep looks a bit more chaotic than some others – no nicely laid out kit for me – its all piled on the floor next to the bike.  Hopefully it wont still be there on Friday 😦

I’ve done a bit of packing, then a bit of riding with loaded bags, then I went shopping!  Again!

Out.  My summer weight sleeping bag.  It’s too big, and a little heavy.  £250 later I have a featherweight down sleeping bag, that packs down to the size of a large fist.

Out.  sleeping bag liner.  You can’t wear it on the bike, so out it goes

Out.  Soft-shell bib tights for cold rain

In knee warmers, and a pair of featherweight montane waterproof trousers.  25%off but still £70. Less weight, less space, more flexibility.  They are size ‘large’, and do feel a little large around the knee – too late now

In.   a spare pair of cycle shorts.  Rotate and wear the spare pair off the bike.  Just shows I still don’t know my best most comfy pair of shorts 😦

In. An old long-sleeved jersey, that I can ditch when it gets warm.
My rain /cold kit is a endura baa baa merino long sleeve thermal, my short sleeve Pirate  jersey, my long-sleeved bike jersey, then a showers-pass elite rain jacket.  Pair of old overshoes – again to be ditched once its super warm
The rain jacket is so lightweight – its waterproof but retains no heat at all as it’s so thin.
My longsleeve or thermal can be worn off the bike / while camping when it gets cold overnight

One spare pair of merino socks, (evening / camping)

Electrics. I bought a new rechargeable battery.  This smooths out the charging to the garmins from the dynamo hub and stops them going bonkers when the power cuts in and out.

I am taking my garmin 800, and my wife’s as a spare.  I’ll alternate them, ie use one and charge the other
I am using a sinewave revolution to convert my dynamo to usb power.
I have a set of usb, micro usb leads to charge garmins, phone and the exposure joystick

In.  I bought a small European 2 pin usb charger.

In Gloves.  My faithful Assos gloves finally have given up the ghost.  I filled out a Rapha questionnaire so got 20% off a set of leather gt gloves.  I know 2 people with them and they love them.  As for rain,  I have a pair of old pearl izumi autumn weight gloves and a pair of Rapha merino glove Liners…. And some disposable latex gloves. I will ditch the autumn gloves after the alps.

Feed bag.  Bought a alpkit feedbag.  Velcros onto the bar/stem,  and stores food etc.  My knees brush it when climbing out the saddle so it’s now up between the tri bars.

Apart from that…


Exposure revo dynamo powered light, with a redeye rear light
Exposure joystick and redeye mounted on my helmet    –   You can’t have too many rear lights


Repair kit – 2 inner tubes, puncture repair kit, cable ties, Spare gear and brake cable, Spare rear gear Hanger
Spare disk brake pad
Allen key set
Chain oil – as small as I could find
Chain tool
Lezyne pump, – mini track pump with a gauge.  Means I can pump up the tyres to a pressure day after day.. – wrapped some electrical and gaffer tape around it
Fluoro reflective tabard/vest – its illegal to ride in France without wearing one

P20 sun tan lotion
lip balm – chapped lips hurt
tooth paste – travel version
Foldable tooth brush
Contact lenses * 30
Sun glasses / normal glasses
mini crap lock.  you can break it with a well placed screwdriver, but it should stop someone just walking off with it.
Light bag thing – folded up, but can be used on my back to hold some food for riding on into the evening
Credit card and money
titanium spork – eat yogurts or takeaway food
swiss army knife – 2.5 inch blade – cut cheese, spread mayo, make sandwiches and rolls
chamois creme – a large full pot.  May buy more along the way
vitamin spray – my diet will be rubbish
high 5 zero / salt tabs – I have suffered in very hot races – I’ll need more along the way
mosquito spray – for when I camp and am being eaten alive
foldable 1 liter bottle – in back pocket when full, wrapped on top of saddle bag when empty
4 AAA batteries – spares for the tracker

Nemo elite bivy bag – water proof, looks like a micro tent so I can use campsites
3/4 sleeping mat
Sleeping bag. (see above)
This means I can sleep somewhere if I can’t find a hotel.  Worth it for peace of mind

I think that’s it…  That’s me packing light….

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