A brief history….

  • 52, male, (yet another) IT Developer.
  • Long term London bike commuter,
  • Ex MTB trail rider,
  • started doing some adventure racing, (spot the headless chicken)… and so started running.
  • 7 years of triathlon, (pissing in your wetsuite is encouraged!), including 10 Ironman races in the last 5 years.
  • Bumped into the Pirates, (PSOF), a group of drunkards with a triathlon problem – they gave me the confidence to dare to enter Ironman
  • My quest to go fast ended with my knee exploding, (serious run training and a 20 year old rugby injury do not mix) so no more run training for me.  The last 2 years / 4 IMs have involved lots of bike training, and a few easy 5k runs – ie running marathons off bike training is interesting.
  • Did a 24hr 500k charity ride 5 years ago – got me motivated, but in reality it was quite easy, (but I did sleep the whole next day)

Found the transcontinental in 2014, entered in 2015 and got to Turkey.
Been broken ever since, so I went back for more 🙂

tcr is way bigger than anything I have done before, so this will be a record of my journey.  Its written by me, for me, so is a bonus if anyone finds anything of remote iterest.
It may be a bit number and data centric – tough – thats how I roll 🙂
I’ll try and be witty and amusing.  (oh dear).  If its boring then the unsubscribe button is always present

‘athletic History’

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