Training 2016/17


Oct-feb Get fit again

Ride a 100k audax every month, maybe riding there/back in nice weather

Reestablish bike commutes, weekend riding etc

Gym work – get strong

Get swimming again (1-2 times a week)

Easy runs 1-2 a week.  Ill keep there ticking till Lanza, drop off a bit then Pick-up in sept.

March Edt training camp.  get my swimming volume in for the year 🙂
Aiming for 150k on the bike each day with as much climbing as possible
29/04 London-wales-london audax.  400k..  Ie 2*200k rides back to back
20/05 IM Lanza.  planning 10 days there riding through to raceday day, aim for completion on the day only, and doing as little damage as possible on the run.
27/05 Following weekend. Ride to, do tour of wessex, Ride home.  5*180k
01/07 the buzzard 600k audax. (2*300k) or dunwich dynamo then Ride home
30/07 Tcr no 5.  Aim to go well.  More time in the saddle, less in hotels.
Oct IM Barcelona… Again.  run walk this time rather that just walking
Various Ill add various audaxs or sportives in just to start riding somewhere different


Week Details Ks Ridden
1 3 hr missus ride
5 hr easy ride with a hr cap of 130! I was shit
2 A couple of days off ill so no bike commute.
2 hr missus ride out to Stanstead to drop the missus off, then ride on solo, for 6 hr easy ride with a hr cap of 130 – 150k. Felt great on the way home

I then found out I did not get into tcr5.

Did n easy Lanza camp in March
Did a months training then gave up, returned to IM Lanza in May and blew up on the bike so pulled the plug.

Survived the dragon ride but that was about it.

Skipped IM Barcelona.

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