Austria road trip


Training has been a bit intermittent over the last few months.  A good weekend, followed by a blank.  Oh well.  This year has not gone as planned.  Last weekend I missed a planned 600k weekend.  I was ill

This weekend I am off to Austria.


Original aim was lots of 200k rides over mountains..    Now I am chasing volume as well as altitude


  • Ride some mountains.
  • Get a couple of back to back 300k rides in
  • Just get around Ironman Austria, without injury


  • Friday – Day off work – I pick up a hire car.  Wash bike, fit new bottom bracket, repair puncture, find camping kit, pack, clean house for cat sitters, maybe cut the grass for the first time this year.  Finished packing at 11pm
  • Saturday – ferry and  camp in mid France somewhere, suspiciously near where we cross my tcr route
  • Sunday – 4 hr ride with the missus then add on for 2 hrs. Easy day.  On through Germany and camp somewhere
  • Monday – arrive at klagenfurt.  Tent up and nip off for a couple of laps of the IM route.steady
  • Tuesday –  big day 300k.
  • Wednesday – Big day 300k.  Drop over into Slovenia and ride a bit of my tcr route to get a feel….
  • Thursday – easy day.  Find a mountain and climb it, at a nice and steady pace
  • Friday – easy day.
  • Saturday – taper
  • Sunday – IM Austria.  Survive the swim, steady bike, run / walk, (more walk than run) the marathon
  • Monday -1 hr easy spin.  Recover, and drink
  • Tuesday. Recover from hangover. 2- 3 hr easy spin
  • Wednesday flat 200k
  • Thursday 300k???
  • Friday leave Austria.
  • Saturday camp mid France somewhere and ride
  • Sunday ferry home

The plan was a big 2 weeks with an ironman in the middle.

Not so big I can’t recover/fatigue myself too much, but make it a real big week.

The plan for the ironman is simple… It’s a training day, and I have not done nearly enough swim or running, so a nice easy day, just getting through the swim, steady ride (I’m on my tcr bike), then a run walk to just get through the marathon.  Time is irrelevant, I just want the finnish, and to not wreck myself for the next few days

Is the week too optimistic?  Maybe but I’ll back off when needed

Oh and the wheat beer is gonna be lovely


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