New Bike…. :-)

So I have the chance of a dream bike.  I have £5k of some inheritance money to spend, and, as my dad hated me biking, its the first thing I’ve gone and bought.

I got a bike fit, (slighty embarising with my large gut) and got sized up for a couple of bikes….
The options were:-
Cannondale synapse + ultegra di2 + hydraulic disks for $3.5k + new dynamo hub/wheel at £450.
BMC Gran fondo disc  – £4.5k – but can it take 28mm tyres… no… hmmmm
moots vanmoots dr, + ultegra di2 + hydraulic disks + my dynamo wheelset from this year – £5.2k
enigma evoke – £4-5k – quality ti
mason revolution – struggled to get excited about another steel bike
I’ve always wanted a ti bike, (originally a mtb hardtail…..)
I’ve always loved cannondales, had 2 bad boy ultras for commuting, a SL2000 ali mtb back 15 years ago.
So after a lot of deliberation, I bought a cannondale synapse hi mod frame, from Evans, discounted from £2500 to £999.  60% off.
This gives me some flex on the rest of the build, so I have puse
I need a new set of dynamo wheels – Some nice carbon hand built ones from – about £1000
di2 ultregra + hydraulic discs, £1200ish (from star – they let you flex the build / drop chainsets etc)
ritchey carbon stem – £144
bars – ritchey wcs ali bars – £60
bottom bracket – £30
bar tape – lizard skins
tri bars – from last year – 3T team clip on bars with flip up elbow pads
Cannondale SiSL2 Hollowgram chainset – £550!!! but its lovely!
Pondering a stages powermeter for the other crank…… another £500
seatpost –  came with the bike.
ISM adamo podium saddle – £90.

So about £4.5k ish

oh and another £60 for some ti bottle cages when I’m done

Just got to finish it now 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Bike…. :-)”

  1. Hi Rob,
    I see you’re also an ISM saddle user. In this post you mention the ISM podium, and on a picture somewhere I saw the prologue, so I can only assume you have some experience with the different models.

    Last month I’ve been testing the breakaway, and I’ll be honest, I was kind of hoping to be immediately pain free. This is indeed the case for the soft tissue, but my sit bones are suffering. I’ve been using the saddle for about a month and after a combined total of 800km I feel little improvement. So my questions to you are: did it take you some time to adjust to the saddle as well? How much time do you reckon I need to give the saddle? And do you think the difference between the breakaway and the prologue is sufficient, i.e. will it relieve my sit bones a lot? I’m still a little reluctant to spend the money for a prologue if it’s still painful. So thanks a lot in advance for your feedback!


    1. i found my original, (a road – for TT use) comfortable straight away – I did 5-600k in the first week.
      Some people love them, some hate them. I do do 10hrs + weekends so I am reasonably hardy

      If you are struggling – chuck it on ebay


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